Monthly Archives: January 2017


Talking about Sensitive Topics

I am not referring to discussing sensitive topics such as the upcoming inauguration or religion. Rather, I am referring to obtaining an honest and accurate drug and alcohol usage history from the injured worker, or your patient. When I was in nursing school we were taught when asking how many alcoholic drinks/day the patient drank…
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Where is Case Management Going in 2017?

I have read multiple blogging prognosticators discussing their predictions for workers' compensation in 2017.  Some funny, some serious.  Just ask my husband, I always have to either have the last word or at least make sure my opinion is also included in any discussion.  So here goes with my opinions regarding case management trends in…
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CompAlliance Pays It Forward

I attended a webinar yesterday on trends to watch for in workers' compensation and one of the themes was about sharing the impact we as companies in this industry make on society and being proud of the job and services we perform.  I was always taught as a youngster to be modest and not "toot…
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