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New Direction – Part 2 What is “Number Needed to Treat”?

Number Needed to Treat (NNT) was a term with which I was unfamiliar.  The Center for Evidence Based Medicine defines the Number Needed to Treat as the number of patients you need to treat to prevent one additional bad outcome (death, stroke, etc.). For example, if a drug has an NNT of 5, it means you have…
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New Direction – Is Tylenol better than Opioids? Part 1 of a Series

I read an article today that I am really excited about.  It was written by Dr. Donald Teater, M.D. and titled, "Evidence for the efficacy of pain medications."  At first I thought, "I have read a million articles like this."  But I got sucked in pretty quickly as it really discusses some new options and…
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Has the ACA overwhelmed the healthcare delivery system?

One of the trends CompAlliance continues to watch is the impact of the ACA on workers' compensation.  Over the years I try to make sure I attend at least one session on this topic hosted by experts in the field at each national conference.  There have been interesting suppositions posed at these sessions throughout the…
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New Year – New Direction?

I have been in the occupational health/case management field for over 30 years.  When I first started, carpal tunnel surgery required hospitalization at least overnight and if you wanted to send information quickly you used one of those new-fangled facsimile machines (but only if you got permission to send it from the manager in your department).…
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